How To Read Your 2021 K-1

With this tax season underway, you should be expecting or receiving your 2021 K-1s (Form 1065) for your limited partnership interests.  Whether you inherited the interest or were the original investor, understanding what your K-1 means is vital to determining whether or not your holding is performing for you.  While our team at LP Equity

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LP Equity Finished Out a Record Breaking Q3

LP Equity wrapped up the third quarter of 2021 by achieving multiple milestones, including the most closings and highest amount of capital deployed in any three-month period in company history. In the third quarter, LP Equity acquired limited partnership positions in 29 different partnerships with a combined asset value exceeding $180 Million dollars, bringing the

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LP Equity Closes Record Quarter for Acquisitions

LP Equity started out the first quarter of 2021 by surpassing multiple milestones including the most closings in any three-month period in company history.  In the first quarter, LP Equity acquired limited partnership positions in 25 different partnerships with a combined asset value exceeding $105 Million dollars.  Our team successfully executed 79 all cash

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How Do I Value My Limited Partnership Interest?

So you just got your K-1 and you want to figure out exactly what this means, what you own and if it has any value.  When evaluating individual limited partnership interests, there are several factors to take into consideration for determining the value.  Each partnership is a unique scenario and should be looked at

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2020: A Year of Change and Growth for LP Equity

As we near the end of 2020, our team at LP Equity warmly acknowledges and empathizes with the hardships felt by many this year.  We are grateful for the opportunity we have had this year to grow our business and are confident that we will move into 2021 with the resources to continue that

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LP Equity’s Response to COVID-19

LP Equity has taken the following measures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; As of March 14th, our entire team seamlessly transitioned to working remotely to practice responsible social distancing.  In this short transitional period, LP Equity has implemented DocuSign.  This has eliminated the need for a witness signature, which ultimately enhances the

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It’s Tax Season – Are You Losing to Phantom Income?

For limited partners navigating this tax season, it is important to further examine the cost of owning your interest.  For those whose day-to-day preoccupations exist outside of the technical and sometimes chaotic world of real estate partnership investment and acquisition, making meaningful financial use out of limited partnership holdings can be difficult as these

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LP Equity Wraps Up 2019 With a Powerful Fourth Quarter

Through the fourth quarter of 2019, LP Equity achieved and exceeded its growth milestones.  This was accomplished by our team helping nearly 50 individual limited partners, from 23 different partnerships, take control of when and how they exit.  In the last 3 months of 2019 LP Equity had the pleasure of working with these

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LP Equity Hires New Members, Leases Office, Expands Services

The third quarter of 2019 was a time of expansion for LP Equity.  As the demand for our services has grown, so has our team based out of Wilmington, North Carolina.  The two latest team additions- Kurt Geller and Bailey Perry, came aboard in early July.  Kurt and Bailey were brought on to accommodate

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