Established Exit Strategies for Limited Partners

Having an exit strategy is critical to achieving financial success if you are a limited partner. Limited partners, who invest in a partnership but have no control over its management, need to have a clear idea of how to get a return on investment. This blog will explore some of the best ways to

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Selling Limited Partnership Interests: Why Choose LP Equity?

At LP Equity, we understand the challenges of holding onto illiquid limited partnership interests. These types of investments can be a burden on finances, make estate planning more complicated, and provide limited opportunities to realize their full value. As a leading provider of secondary market services for limited partnership interests, we specialize in helping

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5 Questions to Ask Your LP Investor Advisors

A limited partnership (LP) is a type of business entity with two types of partners: general and limited. Limited partners are those who contribute capital to the partnership, but are not part of the day-to-day business. On the other hand, general partners are responsible for managing the business and making executive decisions on behalf

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How Does Limited Partnership Valuation Work?

Valuing a limited partnership is an intricate process that requires attention to detail and knowledge of tax laws and regulations. Without proper due diligence, financial partners may be faced with losses they did not anticipate. Therefore, gaining an understanding of what goes into determining the value of a limited partnership can help all parties maintain

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How Do I Sell My Limited Partnership Interest?

Are you looking to liquidate a limited partnership interest? Do you need to know how best to cash out and sell your stake in the company? Structured ownership of limited partnerships often holds that the interests in such entities are not easily transferable. As such, it can be difficult for individuals wishing to divest themselves

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2022: A Year of Unprecedented Growth for LP Equity

2022 was a year of progressive growth and change for LP Equity. In May, LP Equity II (LPE II) was formed which created five additional investment funds focused on acquiring limited partnership interest in various real estate sectors throughout the country. In just an 8-month period LPE II acquired positions in 51 different partnerships with

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K1 Tax Form: Is Your Limited Partnership Working for You?

As a limited partner, you are asked to make significant investments in different businesses. From big-name startups to real estate investments, these ventures can bring substantial returns ― but only if you pay close attention to the details. To understand how your interests work for you and provide a clear picture of what taxes may

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How a Finance Company Benefits from Limited Partnerships

Limited partnerships are a classic tool for finance companies, offering an effective way to marshal resources and reduce costs. But how else does a finance company benefit from such arrangements? By understanding the factors involved in limited partnerships—such as cost savings, risk management, and longer-term capital investments—limited partners can make sensible decisions about their potential

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The Best Way to Get Out of a Limited Partnership

Are you part of a limited partnership and looking for ways to safely and legally exit your agreement? Limited partnerships, which involve two or more parties combining resources for the sake of profit, can be both profitable and difficult to manage. Getting out of a limited partnership isn't always easy. It requires careful consideration, detailed

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