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Extensive Industry Knowledge

With over 25 years of liquid minority interests, the principals at LP Equity have become experts in the complex tax, government regulatory, and partnership issues that traditionally govern minority interest transactions, enabling us to sidestep traditional recapture issues and put forward cash offers that in most cases will supersede those of other potential buyers

long term investments horizon

LP Equity has access to a deep pool of patient investors whose portfolios are defined by passive, long term holdings, enabling us to maintain significantly more far-sighted investment horizon than the average limited partner

cash offer with no cost or obligation

We can provide an obligation-free valuation of any LP interest as well as cash offer within a week of initial contact.

LPE has helped thousands of limited partners over the years and this experience has allowed LPE to become an expert in the complex tax, government regulatory, and partnership issues that surround these transactions.

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We allow limited partners to control their exit strategy and exchange their investments for cash, quickly and painlessly. We specialize in acquiring limited partnership interests in partnerships that own and operate real estate in all submarkets including affordable housing, market rate housing and commercial property.