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About LP Equity

LP Equity, LLC was formed in 2005 with the aim of creating a secondary market for otherwise illiquid limited partner interests. In the past 14 years LPE has invested over $50M in direct partnership buyouts, acquiring minority interests in over 400 different partnerships while helping thousands of limited partners to simplify their finances and escape continuing tax liabilities. With over 25 years of industry experience, the principals at LPE have become experts in the complex tax, government regulatory, and partnership issues that traditionally govern these transactions, enabling us to eliminate recapture issues and put forward cash offers that in most cases will supersede those of other potential buyers. With our extensive industry knowledge and long-term investment horizon, and with two modern offices run out of Washington, DC, and Wilmington, NC, respectively, we have never been in a better position to help minority partners realize immediate value on their decades-old investments.

Meet the team

Jay Landen

As a partner of LP Equity, Jay Landen is responsible for managing all aspects of the fund's investment process and functions as the primary point of contact for limited partners and advisors seeking to liquidate investments. Throughout the course of his career Jay has closed hundreds of limited partner transactions across all 50 states, the direct purchases of which total well over $40M. His ability to structure mutually beneficial transactions and partnerships by working closely with limited partners, financial advisors, accountants, estate planners, and attorneys has helped LPE to maneuver gracefully and build upon it’s reputation with each deal.

Before co-founding LP Equity Jay was, for seven years, acting VP at First Atlantic Capital, a large private equity investment fund focused on limited partner and general partner acquisitions. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Business Management from East Carolina University, and currently lives in Wilmington, NC with his wife Kourtney and daughter Kaylee.

Adam McNutt

Bringing over 10 years of experience in the affordable housing market to LP Equity, Adam McNutt, LPE’s second partner, has thus far facilitated the purchase of minority interests for LPE in over 75 partnerships across 15 States. His main responsibilities include targeting and analyzing market rate and un-subsidized properties for limited partner buyouts and collaborating with owners, partners and industry leaders in order to bring about timely, creative and meaningful transactions.

Another First Atlantic Capital alumnus, Adam has, through the course of his career, worked closely with managing partners and other industry pioneers, gaining valuable insight into the multi-family and affordable housing industry. He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and currently lives in Wilmington, NC with his daughter Kendra, and his two sons, Caden and Tristan.

Eric Goldfarb

As LPE’s commercial underwriter, Eric Goldfarb has headed up the team’s recent foray into the commercial real estate market, a position he feels uniquely prepared for due to his decades of experience maneuvering through the world of New York real estate. His responsibilities with LPE include conducting market research, building dynamic financial models to evaluate potential acquisitions, and acting as the main point of contact between limited partners and investor groups for commercial acquisitions.

Besides being an active partner with LPE, Eric has worked for over two decades in New York City as a Senior Manager, a position he holds currently with Dayton Holdings International N.V., a private real estate investment company with over $200 Million in assets. Eric has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Rhode Island, and has continued to live in Wilmington with his wife Lauren and daughters Nicole and Courtney.

Kristine Glick
Senior Research Analyst

Kristine has been with LP Equity since its inception, and has played an integral role in overseeing LPE’s evolution into what it is today. As a member of the acquisition and research team, Kristine's duties include database management and document retrieval / preparation, as well as assisting with all aspects of LPE's commercial, residential, and multi-family real estate acquisitions.

Kristine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from UNC Wilmington. She has likewise been a licensed broker with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission since 2007 and has been licensed North Carolina Public Notary since 2005. Kristine currently resides in Wilmington, NC with her husband Elliott and son Benjamin.

Ashley LeBlanc
Senior Acquisitions Analyst

Ashley has been working with Adam and Jay since joining LPE's Real Estate Research & Acquisitions team in 2005. Currently, Ashley sees to a number of duties related to the acquisition of partner interests, including pricing analyses, database management, and document curation. Ashley likewise manages the day-to-day affairs of the office, ensuring the smooth progression of growth and innovation for LPE continues unimpeded.

Ashley first began working for future LP Equity team members in a secretarial faculty through the latter years of her academic career. Quickly adapting to the commercial real estate industry, she became integral to operations of the former office and opted to take the leap with her colleagues when LPE was incorporated in 2005.

Ashley currently resides in Wilmington, NC with her husband Chase and daughter Lillian.

Kati McCLure
Senior Research Analyst

Kati joined LP Equity in 2014 during a period of growth which necessitated the addition of a dedicated researcher to the Research and Acquisitions team. Since then she has completed analyses of over 2800 individual partnerships around the country. She also assists in the evaluation of limited partner interests by providing market research and constructing our initial pricing models.

Prior to joining LP Equity, Kati taught mathematics and statistics at St. Vincent Pallotti High School in Laurel, MD. She holds a B.S. in Mathematical Economics from the University of Richmond and a Master’s degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. She lives in Wilmington with her husband Kevin, and sons, Nathan and Colin.

Tina DiPietrantonio
Vice President of Aquisitions

Tina joined LP Equity in the spring of 2017 as Vice President of Acquisitions to aid the team in engaging with limited partners seeking a timely and fair liquidation of their assets. Tina has over 12 years of experience in the commercial and affordable housing industries, having worked for regional firms such as Hannaford Brothers Company and Commercial Properties Inc., the latter being where she served as President for over 10 years. Her skill set, honed over her years of experience, includes site location research, property redevelopment, and direct client engagement for acquisitions and liquidations.

For the past 25 years Tina has been a partner at AHP Holdings and AHP Investment where she successfully closed thousands of real estate limited partner transactions throughout the US. She was directly responsible for working closely with CPAs, financial advisors, estate planners and attorneys to assist their clients in the sale of their real estate limited partnership portfolios. Tina splits her time living in Cape Neddick Maine and St Petersburg, Florida with her life partner, Joe Girard.  She has two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

Kurt Geller
Acquisition Specialist

Kurt joined the LP Equity team as an Acquisitions Specialist in the summer of 2019 to accommodate growing demand for our business. As an Acquisitions Specialist, Kurt’s responsibilities include assisting in the acquisition of limited partner interests, financial analysis, and asset management functions.

Kurt recently graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Cameron School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. During Kurt’s time at school, he was the Founder and President of the University’s Real Estate Investment Club. He also gained experience through relevant internships with Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Services Representative and with a local residential real estate investor as a Project Manager. Kurt currently resides in Wilmington, NC.

Bailey Perry
Closing Coordinator

Bailey joined the LP Equity team in 2019 to accommodate growing demand in our business and specifically in our Research and Acquisitions team. Since then she has compiled research and analyses of limited partnerships across the United States, and is responsible for coordinating all closings with limited partners. Bailey is also responsible for assuring that the pre/post-closing procedures are done in an organized and timely manner to satisfy both parties of the sale.

Bailey is originally from Chapel Hill, NC and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Meredith College in 2018. Prior to joining LP Equity, Bailey completed multiple internships across the Raleigh-Durham area where she gained experience in digital marketing, sponsorship sales, and research and development. Bailey currently resides in Wilmington, NC.