We can help your clients divest themselves of the illiquid limited partnership interests that may currently be burdening their finances. If your clients’ Limited Partnership interests are complicating their estate planning, delaying their tax return filings, or otherwise tying up their assets, they may be able to realize immediate value by working with us to liquidate.

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Advantages To Working With LPE

  • We provide a secondary market where limited partners can sell their interest for cash
  • We are able to value partnership interests quickly and with no obligation
  • We can provide valuable insight into the current value of partnership interests
  • By selling, your clients will simplify their tax returns and eliminate the need to file extensions due to late K-1s
  • Converting old tax holdings into cash will simplify estate planning and provide liquidity
  • Your client will be able to immediately realize the value of their interest by controlling how and when they exit the partnership

LP Equity’s Acquisition Criteria

Our acquisition program is focused specifically on syndicated real estate partnerships that own government subsidized apartment complexes (Section 8) built in the 1970s and early 1980s as well as all other limited partnership real estate holdings. Initially, these partnerships served their original purpose by providing substantial tax savings, however now many of them have now become a tax burden to the original limited partners or to their estates. LPE is interested in acquiring limited partner and general partner interest in these types of partnerships; we can pay in cash and we close quickly.

If you or your clients receive an annual K-1 in real estate partnerships syndicated as tax shelters we would be interested in valuing the interest and making a cash offer proposal. In most cases all that is needed for us to value the interest is a copy of the most recent K-1 issued by the partnership.

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We ask that you contact Jay Landen or Adam McNutt (910-509-7202 direct) to discuss how our acquisition program could benefit you and your clients.

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