Through the fourth quarter of 2019, LP Equity achieved and exceeded its growth milestones.  This was accomplished by our team helping nearly 50 individual limited partners, from 23 different partnerships, take control of when and how they exit.  In the last 3 months of 2019 LP Equity had the pleasure of working with these limited partners to help unlock over a million dollars in equity.

LP Equity expanded into 3 additional states, growing LP Equity’s geographic footprint to 30 states.  The LP Equity team is excited and ready to continue filling out the map across investments in affordable housing, market rate housing, industrial property, and commercial office space.   Notably, LP Equity acquired interest in a high-quality affordable housing apartment complex in New York, premium commercial office space in Raleigh North Carolina, and industrial warehouse space in the Dallas Texas market.

The diversity and geographic range of LP Equity’s evolving investment portfolio, and growing team, is allowing our firm to provide our service offering to more limited partners seeking liquidity, marketability, and the freedom to create their own exit plan.