NORTH CAROLINA, March 31st, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LP Equity, LLC (“LPE”) would like to announce the commencement of its fifth and largest acquisition fund to date, following the successful closure of their previous fund, LP Equity 4. The $5M fund, which represents a 500% increase on the previous fund, will enable LPE to properly engage with its rapidly expanding activities through the 2nd quarter of 2017.

LPE4 was first initiated around year-end 2015, allocating $1M for direct equity acquisitions. LP Equity utilized this fund in its efforts to aid limited partners in liquidating troubled or complex holdings, acquiring interests in over 30 partnerships across 21 states. The reasons behind this fund’s early closure vary from shifting market forces to the implementation of improved research and outreach techniques, however Adam McNutt, a principal at LPE, sees efforts put forth by the team in defining a niche and honing in on a precise demographic as key to the growth:

“Beginning last year we took a step back and had a fresh look at our market from every angle we could think of. Through that process we found that we were able to increase the size and scope of a market we originally feared was shrinking. Everyone here at LPE is excited about the future and ready to pick up the pace, I very much expect to be having a similar conversation this time next year.”

Through the course of LPE4, LPE acquired interests in over 5,000 units of apartment housing, a figure that is expected to be exceeded dramatically as LPE5 is utilized. This influx of investment capital has been timed to coincide with a redoubling of efforts and resources aimed at further expanding LPE’s visibility and outreach to and amongst potential clients. Their sponsorship of ACTEC and NYSSCPA conferences, robust investment in online advertising, and launch of a revamped web and social media presence are at the forefront of this effort.

“This early launch of LPE5 is exciting for us,” Peter Gendron, LPE’s Director of Marketing, says, “because it’s coinciding both with tax season, which is one of the busiest times of the year for us, when we have the opportunity to be the most visible, and with this new big push in PR and advertising. As we change up our methodology in generating leads, I expect we’ll have no problem putting the approved $5M to use, and quickly.”

The fund’s timing also coincides with a high-level personnel addition in the person of Tina DiPietrantonio, an acquisition specialist with years of experience in the industry who will be brought on as LPE’s new Vice President of Acquisitions. The launch of LPE5, DiPietrantonio’s addition to the team, and LPE’s increased marketing and industry engagement point towards a new, burgeoning phase in LP Equity’s existence which aims to meet rising market demands while keeping the efficient yet personal touch the company’s reputation is built upon, for the coming years.