LP Equity wrapped up the third quarter of 2021 by achieving multiple milestones, including the most closings and highest amount of capital deployed in any three-month period in company history. In the third quarter, LP Equity acquired limited partnership positions in 29 different partnerships with a combined asset value exceeding $180 Million dollars, bringing the total portfolio combined asset value to nearly $1.4 Billion. Our team facilitated 84 all cash closings that allowed these limited partners the ability to realize the value of their long-term investments immediately.

LP Equity’s new acquisitions this quarter occurred in 12 states, including our first investment in the state of Arizona. These investments are diversified across multiple sectors of real estate including high-quality affordable housing communities, market rate housing communities, industrial space, and retail locations. Notably, LP Equity’s team successfully structured sizeable limited partner investment positions in an 180,000 square foot retail shopping center in Shelton, Connecticut and a 320-unit market rate apartment complex in Groton, Connecticut.

The increase in volume through this entire year has been a result of a number of different factors. The changing environment for taxes, governmental policy and favorable real estate atmosphere are some of the contributing factors. Principal Jay Landen said, “As many of the syndicated real estate partnerships continue to age, limited partners and their advisors are finding that LP Equity’s acquisition platform creates a great opportunity for them to realize the value of these long term investments quickly and painlessly. I am very proud of our experienced team and talented team and the level of service they provide limited partners looking for solutions for these niche investments”.

With over 16 years of experience in syndicated partnership industry and a growing portfolio of investments, LP Equity’s platform continues to be a resource for limited partners who are interested in selling their interest in these non-traditional investment vehicles. To explore options for an accelerated capital event of your individual limited partnership interest, reach out to one of our team members to discuss how LP Equity could be a resource to help you or your clients.