As we near the end of 2020, our team at LP Equity warmly acknowledges and empathizes with the hardships felt by many this year.  We are grateful for the opportunity we have had this year to grow our business and are confident that we will move into 2021 with the resources to continue that growth.

Despite the difficulties with this year, our team was able to seamlessly transition to a fully remote work environment and continue helping limited partners realize the value of their traditionally illiquid assets.  This year LP Equity has successfully helped over 150 individual limited partners, trust, and estates from 37 different partnerships, unlock the equity in their investments.  In doing so, LP Equity was able give the control back to these limited partners by allowing them to decide how and when they exited these aging partnerships.

With the addition of investments into 4 new states, including Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, and Minnesota, LP Equity has expanded its geographic footprint to 35 states and territories.  Notably, our team’s efforts in the state of Maryland has resulted in investments into Industrial, Health Care, and Housing as well.  LP Equity continues to grow its team and resources, striving towards helping limited partners in all 50 states.

Our team at LP Equity will wrap up this year thankful for the opportunity to continue our mission despite the challenges of 2020 and ready to roll into 2021 with the goal of serving more limited partners in their efforts to achieve liquidity from their non-traditional assets.