Limited Partners

LPE has created a secondary market in which limited partnership interests can be exchanged for cash in a prompt and effortless manner. Our unique acquisition program provides liquidity for limited partners and simplifies future tax returns and estate planning


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Advantages to selling a limited partnership interest

Selling a limited partnership interest will help you:

  • Realize the interest's value immediately
  • Convert a non-functioning tax shelter into cash
  • Eliminate future k-1 reporting
  • Avoid ongoing annual payment of income tax on the investment in question
  • Simplify your tax return and estate planning
  • Take advantage of low long-term capital gains tax rates
  • Control the timing of your exit from the partnership

Understanding Your K-1

Find out if your limited partnership interest is
working for you with the help of our step-by-step K-1 breakdown

Benefits of working with lpe

We are able to do the following for individuals with limited partner interests:

  • Value partnership interests quickly and with no obligation to the owner
  • Provide valuable insight into the current and future value of any partnership interest
  • Close quickly and with cash
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Help limited partners understand the intricacy of these transactions

Interested in Learning more?

We ask that you contact Jay Landen or Adam McNutt  (910-509-7202 direct) to discuss how our acquisition program could benefit you and your clients.