Press Release - 11/01/2016

LP Equity Unveils New Site and Ad Campaigns Targeting Limited Partners

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LP Equity, LLC (LPE) would like to announce the official launch of the first phase of their new client outreach program. In essence, this program consists of a new client-centric website, an increase in conference sponsorship and participation, direct letter campaigns, and an array of digital and print advertising.

"Ever since we formed," states Jay Landen, a principal and founding member of LPE, "we have prided ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation within our industry. We are taking these steps to improve upon our proven process of acquiring partnership interest by focusing on providing additional avenues for limited partners to explore their options."

"Traditionally we have been the ones reaching out to the owners of these types of interests" added Adam McNutt, another principle at LPE, "and, while it has worked very well for us, we knew that we were not reaching a large segment of this market."

To better access this untapped market, LPE has not only created a modern website, which hosts several interactive pages designed to engage with and inform potential clients, but has embarked upon a robust advertising campaign spanning several platforms, including Google, Facebook, and several industry-specific publications and newsletters.

"The process of branding LPE - creating logos, a new site, putting out PR - has been fascinating because it's been a ground-up project," said Peter Gendron, LPE's brand coordinator. "It's going to be interesting to see how a company that was already operating at such an impressive pace will grow to meet the new demand that this campaign will inevitably generate"

In creating the site, LPE, in partnership with Old City Press of Washington, DC, was aiming to create a universal portal that would both attract and educate minority partnership owners, investors, and financial advisors alike while simultaneously highlighting LPE's reputation and stability. In essence, according to Adam McNutt, "The entire movement of this new website is a shift in focus: we have been very successful at finding limited partners, but now we want to focus on helping them find us."

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